Sanders Welcomed CBS!

Sanders Welcomed CBS!

The CBS46 Books to Kids initiative continues. This time we visited Sanders Elementary School in Austell. Hundreds of students were greeted by some familiar faces.

Anchors Sharon Reed, Karyn Greer and Gurvir Dhindsa were on hand. Reporters Daniel Wilkerson, Vince Sims, Harry Samler and Chief Meteorologist Paul Ossmann were also there.

“When they contacted us and said that we were chosen, I was very excited,” said Principal Laura Fiedler. “The first thing I did was reach out to my administrative staff and say we’ve got to do this.”

There are 700 students at Sanders Elementary School. On Wednesday, CBS46 gave each student five books to take home. Ligaya Collins was thrilled to get the book Frozen.

“I like the characters Elsa and Anna,” she told reporter Ashley Thompson. “They go on adventures.”

Our talent spent part of the morning reading to the students. The kids also wanted to know more about our staff so the talent spent time answering their questions. Chief Meteorologist Paul Ossmann even explained what Hurricane Florence is doing.

Our Books to Kids initiative is part of our effort to boost literacy rates in Georgia. At CBS46, we understand that reading is essential to kids this age. It’s why we’ve made it our mission to get books into their hands.