Advocacy News February 2017

Advocacy News from the South Cobb Council

Hello PTA Leaders!  I hope you are well and gearing up for a successful end to the school year.

We are just about half-way through the Georgia Legislative Session, and there are many pieces of legislation making their way through the House and Senate.  If you have yet to do so, please SIGN UP  for the GA PTA Advocacy Network.  Our GA PTA Legislative Chair, Tynettia Elrod, is keeping everyone updated on the weekly tasks of the Legislative Session, AND it’s the best way to know how to make your voice count through Action Alerts.

In Cobb County, we have an upcoming Ed-SPLOST Referendum that will be on the ballot on March 21st.  During our South Cobb Council PTA Meeting on January 17th, we adopted a Resolution to support Ed-SPLOST and to encourage our members and community to VOTE YES!

The Cobb County School District has contacted each of the schools in order to present information on SPLOST to the school community.  And, we wanted all of you to be prepared to share information, as well.

We have created an Ed-SPLOST Toolkit, which includes documents for you to educate yourself, Board of Directors, Local Unit and community on the importance of Ed-SPLOST V.  If you would like to adopt your own Ed-SPLOST Resolution as a Local Unit, then please review the Instructions & Script_SPLOST V Resolution.  This will give you guidance on how to create the Resolution, as well as the script to use for your General Meeting.  The Ed-SPLOST Toolkit will be emailed as an attachment to the Presidents.

Early voting begins at the Main Elections Office in Marietta on February 27th!  Please find a listing of the Cobb County Early Voting polling places HERE!  ALL Cobb County Voters can vote at ANY of these locations.

If you would like for someone to come and speak with your parents, teachers or community about Ed-SPLOST, then please feel free to contact us at!!

Yours in advocacy,
LeResa James
Legislative Chair, South Cobb Council