National PTA Every Child in Focus Campaign

National PTA Every Child in Focus Campaign

Georgia PTA is committed to maintaining an association that is Diverse and Inclusive through word and actions. For the 2nd year
we are glad to join National PTA in celebrating Every Child in Focus each month. We will spotlight the educational challenges surrounding
a particular group, highlight their achievements, and focus on ways to strengthen Family-School Partnerships. Visit this page monthly to
access materials that will help families and PTAs learn more about each group. For more about the Every Child in Focus campaign, visit

September is the month to celebrate the Hispanic Child.

Georgia is third largest state for Hispanics and Latinos.

Major Hispanic groups include Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Salvadorans according to the census. Gwinnett County, Cobb, Fulton, Hall,
and DeKalb County are the areas with the highest population of Hispanic and Latinos. The Hispanic population is heavily concentrated
in the northeastern and eastern sections of the Atlanta metropolitan Area.

The following link leads to a document that helps Georgian educators and school system leaders promote the academic success of
Hispanic/Latino students.

As the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation, National PTA speaks with a powerful voice on behalf of every child and
provides the best tools for parents and communities to help their children become successful students.

Hispanic/Latino students bring a wide range of bicultural assets to class but their potential is not cultivated as thoroughly as possible.
In 2013 Hispanic students graduated at a rate 9 percent less than Georgian students overall.
1.) At the same time jobs requiring not only a high school degree, but a post-secondary education are increasingly in demand.
2.) To stand up to the job, Hispanic students will need to both graduate from high school and complete a post-secondary education.
Already comprising 8 percent of the Georgia labor force, the Hispanic community will continue to impact our state economically
whether schools are prepared or not.
3.) Promoting the academic achievement of Hispanic/Latino students is possible on several inter- connected fronts. This promising
practice document discusses the following topics: – English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) – Extracurricular Engagement – Community Outreach.

Have a great month and keep up the efforts to help every child’s potential become a reality. Every Child, One Voice.

Kindest regards,
Tammie Jenkins
Diversity & Inclusion Chair
Georgia PTA